Set up readers’ mind


A good quote from that I want to share in this posting is about a writer – what a writer influence is on.

It is stated that based on a professor of creative writing at the University of Warwick, A. L. Kennedy, it is significant for writers to recognise the responsibility of invading a reader’s space and how to not fill writers’ ficition with the ghosts of writers’ past.

Another significant quote is as follow:

We, as writers, are intimately intruding upon the reader. We set our words inside their minds. Whatever else the reader could have been doing with themselves – the daydreams, plans, happy memories, erotic fantasies, all the fun a person can have with their own head – we want them to leave that and read us instead, listen to our voices, our stories, meet our people.

It is nice, isn’t it.

Like it very much. Because, it is not really easy to – as what has been stated above – set our words inside the readers’ mind. Really it is not easy.

Our challenge is to create, to develop words into a nice, readible and ‘menimbulkan kesan baik‘ sentences. So readers are being nailed to read our articles. Another thing is that it is challenging to develop/create articles that benefit readers.

Just keep writing, sharing, writing, sharing and you’ll see your progress then.

Happy writing guys




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