Green Hospital Writing Competition – 2013

Green hospital

In June 8, 2013, it was launched the Green Hospital Writing Competition – 2013. It is organised by Daya Hospital (RSUD Daya Kota Makassar) in collaboration with Linihijau. The intention is to increase the awareness within community and Daya Hospital staffs of the importance of balancing between environmentally concern and health concern.

It seems so complicated, however, it is not. the competition is not a scientific based writing competition. The competition is to ‘absorb’ anyone’s ideas of what is the meaning of ‘Green Hospital’ perception – based on your perception, your ideas, your experiences, even, your reading-references based.

The competition is until 1st July 2013. So, let’s start writing and send it to Daya Hospital website.

Daya Hospital also prepares rewards for competitions’ winner, i.e.: 1. Camera Canon EOS 1100D Kit, 2. Sony Experia mobile and 3. Tablet Advance Android.

So, let’s start thinking, writing and submitting your article to Daya Hospital website.

Remember, before 1st July 2013.

Happy competition.





    1. Ndak dong om … ga usah ke makassar dulu untuk ikutan lomba ini, bisa dari jauh … bisa dari mana saja. so, ditunggu ya partisipasinya, langsung!!! he he he

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