Dream … dream … dream … keeping up your dream

your dream?

Today I was just being overwhelmed by the word: dream.

Firstly when I met my old colleague, dr. Saenab, the Director of Daya Hospital, Makassar (South Sulawesi province, Indonesia). Her story was inspiring. She told me of what her dream was. In her life, she wanted to build a proper hospital for Makassar people, moreover, the hospital need to fulfil a green hospital criteria. She, then, have been trying to make her dream comes true by all means. All of her efforts were aimed to it. Not all were free ways, most of them were fully challenged, i.e. land conflict, refusal from many parties, even from a bureaucrat within the environment she works. Fortunately, she liked challenges. She stay on her way, which she was assured was the right way. If you looked at the Daya hospital recently, it looks totally different comparing to a long-long time ago, as it was still a Puskesmas (a little public clinic), not a hospital yet.

At that time, I knew her when she invited me (and my team) to give Reiki Healing sessions at Daya Puskesmas. It worked for several years until I went to Australia. The Reiki sessions at the hospital (after puskesmas changed to hospital), then discontinued gradually.

In a meeting with her at her office today, while she told me her experience still with the complexity of building Daya hospital, she invited me to reactivate Reiki Healing sessions at Daya Hospital. I promised her to think this opportunity carefully, for the community benefit. This is also one of her dream as well (and my dream too), to put an alternative healing technique/medicine (known as herbal as well) to be acknowledged by ‘hospital’ people or ‘Health’ world in general. So in Daya Hospital, at the same roof, provides health service for community both medical and alternative way. Community will free to choose in which way they are going to be cured, medical or alternative way. Again, it’s a challenging effort.

Secondly, when I was at home, I opened facebook and I found this quote (my friend put this as an update – but I forgot who did this, sorry mate!):

“The dream is not that you see in sleep , dream is which does not let you sleep. ~Dr. Abdul Kalam Ā (Former President of Republic of India)”

To the quote above, I, undoubtedly, said that I agree one hundred per cent. It happen to me very often as well. The dream will be your spirit though and it keep your life up.

So, in my opinion, it is important to keep your dreams up within you and please, feel the different. Otherwise, you’ll only be a living corpse.

I have my own dreams, she has her own dreams, are you?

Makassar, 21 March 2012

[photo source: modified from http://www.dunmiscue.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Dream-Interpretation.jpg]



  1. Hello Pak Bugi.. Long time no see since Blogor Team at Bunderan HI bloggers event.

    I heard you came back to Makassar sir? Well, I hope you and your family come again to Bogor, live here and enjoy this relaxing and joyful suburbs living here hehe..

    My dream is to be a professor and going study abroad. amin!!

    1. Hi Unggul, yes, i miss you guys … blogorians ;-). But, I will try to get together again sometime in the future. My family are still in Bogor, so don’t worry, there’s still a chance for me to catch up with blogorians…. šŸ˜‰ thanks …

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