– a new environmental website was born

Linihijau logo (doc: Linihijau)

Dear all,

I and Mataharitimoer recently developed a website namely Linihijau (it was launched on 14th February 2012), it was aimed to contribute to a better Indonesian environment, in many ways (the complete information is available on the website).

Everyone – I prefer to call as ‘netizen’ – is encouraged to contribute as well by visiting the Linihijau website at, clicking ‘the like’ button at Linihijau facebook page ( You’re invited as well to contribute or sharing by posting your experiences, thoughts, articles, photos, videos, etc related to Indonesian environment in Linihijau website.

If you are on twitter, please follow us @linihijau.

As the new website, we would be grateful to receive input from you and your feedback. We hope to receive feedback from you by responding to this message or through our email address:

Your valuable contribution to Linihijau is really appreciated.

I’ll keep in touch.

Kind regards, Bugi Sumirat


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