Hey Mr. Obama, we have a strong slogan as yours too

Indonesia Bisa slogan (doc. Bugi's creation)
Indonesia Bisa slogan (doc. Bugi's creation)

Mr. Obama, US President, was famous with the slogan, YES WE CAN, during his journey to the number one chair in the United States. Indeed, he proved it by becoming the US President and the first US President with the Afro-American background.

During the 26th SEA Games that was held in Jakarta – Palembang, Indonesia, 11-22 November 2011 [http://seag2011.com/], Mr. Obama was here in Indonesia – not coming to SEA Games venue but to attend ASEAN and East Asia Summit that was held in Bali (17 – 19 November 2011). There was no relationship between his attendance in Indonesia and SEA Games. However, his (old) slogan – Yes we can – more or less was able to be used to reflect to our slogan, AYO INDONESIA BISA. Our slogan, in my opinion, was effective as our motivation word, our ‘mantra’ word to fulfill our dreams to come true.

This slogan also worked for Indonesian supporters. With this, we were able to support Indonesian team. AYO INDONESIA BISA hypnotized all of us. It became the powerful word to motivate both players and supporters.

Not only supporters who were attending the venues but also for indirect supporters that were not able to participate directly. For instance, I was not able to attend event for one game at all, but, by paying attention to daily 26th SEA Games Journal on TV or watching its live show on TV, I and my family could participate by shouting, and also clapping during watching the game, ”AYO INDONESIA BISA … AYO INDONESIA BISA … “ We knew it was not possible for them to listen to us – to our support. But, it was a kind of moral support – a prayer from us to them, Indonesian contingent.

God listened to us. After fourteen years since 1997 (in the 19th) SEA Games, Indonesia went to be the over-all champion again by obtaining 182 gold, 151 silver and 142 bronze. Indonesia proved to be the 26th SEA Games over-all winner. We were the sport champion within South East Asia countries.

We are proud of you, Indonesian contingent. Looking at our red and white flag in the air built more proud to be Indonesian. Hopefully, we are able to be the next over-all champion again in the 27th SEA Game that will be held in Myanmar in 2013.

I have no idea whether there was a relationship between Mr. Obama’s coming to Indonesia and Indonesia’s achievement, maybe it was worthy for anyone one who believes superstition. However, I am sure, our slogan: AYO INDONESIA BISA is one of the success factors behind our glory. With pleased, I would say,”Mr. Obama, we have slogan as strong as yours too: AYO, INDONESIA BISA.”

Bogor, 24 November 2011

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