Kamu ngangenin

His face is always on my netbook screen, holding a can of ginger beer in his right hand and a plastic cup in his left.

The photo told us how he, presumably, enjoyed drinking ginger beer (a ginger beer is not a real beer, it’s a kind of soft drink). Indeed, when he was in Australia, when I and his bunda were drinking a can of ginger beer, he usually asked us to let him try just a bit. It did not matter for us to give him a go. But, surprisingly, he enjoyed very much.

He said,”Bab, its tasty is good, Ghia like it very much, could you give me more”. If he has told us in that way, nicely and with so gentle, what could we say. “alright Ghia, but please don’t too much”. He then finished his part, very quickly.

Ghia, how are you in Jakarta? When I look at your photo screen, as if you were here sitting close to me, doing funny stuffs. But, unfortunately, it is not. Hopefully, not longer time we can meet again. I miss you very much. Kamu ngangenin anakku…..

Missed you so much, a very big hug from the distance.



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