Living in Albury, NSW, Australia

Many of my friends asked me why I never updated my blog anymore. A good question indeed and I just realised that updating my blog is very important. Because it likes bringing up to date my journal day by day and will aware other person (and also give a respect) for them who has a chance to visit my blog.

I live in Albury right now with my family (anyone who wants to know more about Albury city in New South Wales Australia please visit: I came earlier (on August 2007), Mia and Ghia came a few months afterward (in late of October 2007). We rent a small house in East Albury precisely in 291 Downside Street, East Albury, NSW 2640. Actually it is a good choice to live, especially for the new comer like us. The downtown is not too far from the house, only need around 15 minutes on foot, crossing the bridge up to the freeway. We have good neighbours. Gill and Robert on the right and Grandma (we don’t know her name) – living alone – in the left. We have another good neighbours in ample forth street, their name are Jo and Dai. They are a young couple and we have a real good relationship indeed.

Mia and Ghia, I think, can adapt with the Australian (specifically Albury) condition. Ghia shows a good growing. His nurse, Caleen, said that when we bring him to her regularly (usually once in a month). She said that it is good for Ghia because he can have what he need for growing: breast milk, formula milk, solid food (he is 7 months right now and he started eating solid food since he was 5 – 6 months of age).

Mia and Ghia also join the Mum and children playgroup at West Albury Community Centre once a week. They can meet with new mums and other children on the same age. We usually come there every Thursdays from 10 – 12 noon. The important thing is they look enjoy with the activities in there.

Ghia has started crawling but still shows his anxiety when he starts crawling. However, for us, he is a good baby. He looks strong enough and he is a hilarious baby. Of course he will cry when he is hungry or sleepy or need attention from us but it is normal I suppose.

So far everything is alright.



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