New performance of my blog

It seems my blog has other performance. Actually I don’t want to add another story to my blog. The last edition was to show or to announce about the birth of my first son, Ghia. I wanted to stop until that part of the whole story. I didn’t want to change his beautiful picture with another pictures. However I realized that live is still going on and the ‘dynamics’ is the key word how my blog has to be continued with another story. So, I changed my mind, I promise myself to renew my blog more often. You will be the witnesses how it goes. Perhaps the changing that will happen only the main stream of the blog. I think most of them is talking about Ghia. Please don’t get bored to read about him.
see you and thank you to become my place of sharing.
best regards,


  1. Thank you Claude,actually, Ghia is the name of my son. His full name is Ghia Nugraha Ilefensyah Bugiputra.I am Indonesian but now I live in Australia (for postgraduate study).Thanks anyway,Best wishes,Bugi (Bababna Ghia = Ghia’s father)

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