Ghia was born today

Dear all,
Alhamdulillah, Thank God that this morning our lovely baby was born at Hermina Hospital Jakarta on Monday, 28 May 2007 – 5.55 wib. The baby is a boy and his name is Ghia Nugraha Ilefensyah Bugiputra. His weight was 3.220 kg and length 48 cm. Thank to Dr. Judi, Tante Tutrie, Om Tony whom take Mia to the hospital. Ninin Fatimah (QMom), Ninin Sopiah, Aki Rudi, Fifi and fam, Ceu Susi, Madi and fam, Robby and Meta, Doctors, Nurses and all who support and help on the process of Ghia’s birth. Thank you and may God bless you forever.
By the way, you could see Ghia’s picture on the link website right below. (I don’t know, on the time writing this blog, I found difficulties to find the link to put the picture on my blog, I don’t know why). I will tell you later on about the process of Ghia’s birth. Ok, see you,
Babab Bugi


  1. Congratulation…. It must be hard to explain by words how happy you are this time, isn’t it?

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