[Ghia-USG] The Best Picture that I’ve ever seen (thanks Om Tony, Tante Tutrie and Dr. Judi)

Alhamdulillah .. amazing …. unbelievable. Thanks to Allah SWT who has already create this little lovely creature … he is Ghia … our lovely son, he is still in Bunda Mia’s uterus (his mother’s name is bunda Mia Yunaentin), he is just waiting for the time of baby due …. He looks so nice and cute .. I really couldn’t believe that he is Ghia. I can’t stop seeing at those pictures.
Thank you Tony for your effort for scanning and sending these pictures to me, It’s really appreciated. Indeed, those are the most amazing pictures that I’ve ever had and have ever seen ( I hope there will be more amazing pictures of him in the near future)
By the way, this ultrasound pictures was taken at Hermina Hospital, of the help of Dr. Judi Januadi (he is a very nice doctor), Jakarta, 16 April 2007. Also, for your information, I’ve use one of them as my laptop background so I can see him all the time … seeing from the distance.



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