Indang Dance and Poco-poco at Univ of Canberra

Canberra, 4 April 2007

Dear all,

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.,

Weleh .. seumur-umur belon pernah nari .. sekali nari kok di
umur-umur segini .. tapi .. fun juga sih .. dimana ayo narinya …
jauh lho .. di University of Canberra, 21 Maret 2007. For you,

here is the story (walau terlambat, ga apa-apa yo):

21 March 2007 is the Harmony Day, the United Nations Day to
celebrate/commemorate the end of racisme in the world.
For that moment, as the member of UC clubs, University of
Canberra Indonesian Student Society (UCISS) took a part
actively. We performed two dances and one song. Indang Dance

(form West Sumatera), Poco-poco dance (from Sulawesi Island)
and Yamko Rambe Yamko (Song from Papua Province).
Amazingly, nobody is a real dancer, and we have only a courage to
do it (Nike said: ‘just do it’). We had been practising just for
around 2,5 weeks, three days per week. Ismail (student – master
program from Aceh) taught Indang dance and myself taught Poco
Poco dance (I only learnt poco-poco in the office, in Makassar).
Surprisingly, our performance was very successful. We received
many compliments. Many people said that our performance was
the highlight of the Harmony Day 2007, and Leonie (Director of
UC Harmony) added that our best achievement was we could
ask the UC Vice Chancellor (Rektornya) to up and dancing
together with the dancers and all audiences. This event was also

attended by the Representative of UN in Australia and Indonesian
Education and Culture Atache. We could not draw how happy we

were. We did it! Yes!!!
We’ve got two certificate of appreciation, one from UC and one from Embassy of RI.
Now we are very optimistic, we are ready to participate on other
similar events (wah .. nantang nih ye …). Do you believe that we have received the invitation again from the university to perform in May and September … We have discussed and we are agree to perform another dance from all over Indonesia (gaya euy, siapa yang nglatih ya .. he .. he ….), and the next dance should be Saman dance, from Aceh. Ups … I forgot to tell you that the theme of the Harmony Day 2007 is ‘bringing the world together’ and .. our performance was parralled with the theme and our philosophy: unity in diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika) …
See you guys,
Bababna Ghia


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