Trash and Treasurer Rotary Club di Canberra (Sunday Market)

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.,
Hai .. see you again,
for all readers, here I would like to tell you about one Rotary Club activity in Canberra City. The activity is namely Trash and Treasurer whose place is in Jamison park square, Macquerrie, Canberra. It is held every sunday, since 6.00 am – 12.00 pm. So, the situation is as follows (based on experience – 18 Feb 2007):
– Everyone who wants to enter the area should donate (I prefer to
say that rather than pay) money $ 0.20 (20 cents). Look at the
second picture, there is one rotarian who guards the donation
box (red container). People who enter the area should pass on
this way. I asked the rotarian on duty at that moment, she said
that the donation money is used for other club social activity. I
forget to ask but I am sure the seller there also pay some money
to the club so they can have space inside the area.
– Rotary Club Van is provided for rotarian’s and club’s stuffs.
They can use it also as a shelter on the break time. (see the
third picture). The van parks inside the area.
Inside the area. there are a lot of items can be found such as
new and second hand items (clothes, shoes, electronics, house-
houlds, DVDs, paintings, books, magazines, computers, laptops,
arts, souvenirs, bicycles, helmets, etc), flowers, vegetables,
fruits, and other stuffs that might attract you to buy. It is very
interesting. New situation for me, and it is indeed making people
to visit the market. Based on many informations, many of the
items in the area are being sold in not expensive price. Do you
believe if I tell you that in sunday market I have bought the
second hand radio-cassetes-CD only for $ 10? In good condition
of course. (see the fourth picture, please). Sometimes, we can
find that the price is not fixed price, you can even bargain the
price. You can find here also the seller who sell a kind of garage
sale system with.
– After 12.00 am, the sunday market finish and back to its
function as a car parking area. In my mind, this is a good
example and perhaps there is any rotary club in Indonesia
could immitate this sunday market event. Many advantages,
for Rotary Club, for the sellers, and for the buyers. So, why not start thinking of it?

Bye the way, Why I wrote rotary activity, because as a rotarian I want to share to other rotarian who read this article and hope will inspire them to have more rotarian activities.
That’s all for now guys,
cheers and wassalam,
Bababna Ghia


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